Students returned to in-person learning during the first week of September. JPII remained opened for 7 out of 9 months during the previous school year despite COVID restrictions. The ability to operate in small cohorts, leverage a powerful technology infrastructure and curriculum, and have teachers cycle between classrooms permitted students to continue to learn in a community environment, which remains central to the JPII identity.

Before classes resumed, special workshops were held for student leaders of the ASB, NHS, FBLA and Resilience Teams. Students were taught crucial skills in communication and facilitation so they could actively lead new student orientation sessions and other back-to-school activities.

“It was amazing to watch our student leaders step up and take the helm as the rest of the student body returned to campus. Our kids are so enthused to be back together. It’s a testimony to the community and culture we build here,” says Dan Ashe, Director of Communications and Admissions.