The JPII Board takes a break at its February 2020 retreat.  Left to right: Trent Hart, Andy Kapust, Rob Panowicz, Sandra Barton Smith, Mary Beth Lang, Andrew Prentice, Fr. Tim Ilgen, Sue Muller, Carla Rudd, Jim Fellows, Ron Edwards, Amy Larson, Kay Purcell, Carol Murphy, and David Hughes.

JPII board members are dedicated to the mission and vision of the school and the students and families it serves. They play a vital role in developing school policy and cultivating support for the school in the greater community. Board members are appointed by the Archbishop of Seattle.


  • Trent Hart, Chair
  • Carol Murphy, Chair-Elect
  • Carla Rudd, Secretary
  • Andrew Prentice, Treasurer


  • Jim Fellows
  • David Hughes
  • Very Rev. Timothy Ilgen
  • Dr. Andy Kapust
  • Mary Beth Lang
  • Dr. Amy Larson
  • Sue Muller
  • Rob Panowicz
  • Kay Purcell
  • Sandra Barton Smith


  • Therese Allin,
    Provisional President
    and Principal