Luc K. ’25

Pope John Paul II High School’s Community Service program develops students who understand service as fundamental and intrinsic to their faith. They demonstrate compassion for victims of injustice and know that they are called to actively commit to building a just society. It is the program’s objectives through direct service to others to challenge students’ perceptions and stereotypes of those they serve and create empathetic, compassionate, and courageous leaders for change. 

The program is designed to support the school’s culture of mutual support for one another and being a people for others. The Community Service program is an extension of this school culture of service into the surrounding community. The school selects and approves placements that permit students to serve others as directly as possible. It is through this contact that not only the lives of those served are changed but the lives of our students. Service experiences are selected and designed to bring about an effective change of heart in our students. 

Community Service Form (one event)

Community Service Multi-Day Form

Off-Campus Permission Form

Grade Level Requirements

Freshman will participate in two school planned/sponsored service efforts supervised by faculty/staff.

Sophomores will participate in one school-sponsored event and one school approved placement they select. 

Juniors will select two service placements that will be approved by the school.

Seniors will select one placement for their senior service experience. Seniors will write a substantive paper reflecting on their four-year service experience in the context of the Gospel message to love others.

Some examples of community service:

Habitat for Humanity

Providence Supportive Housing Ministry


Catholic Community Service

Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County


Cielo Project

Sacred Heart
Emergency Outreach

Guadalupe Land Trust