A student’s journey through high school goes well beyond academics. In addition to strong scholastics and developing faith, a wide variety of co-curricular choices allow students to expand learning while on campus.

This includes clubs, athletics, performing arts and other JPII community activities. Many students start their own clubs and special projects. There’s lots of room here to learn and grow.

I’ve been playing for the girls’ basketball team at JPII since I was a freshman. I appreciate the friends and memories I’ve made by being part of a team. As a student-athlete, I’ve had the opportunity to grow in this sport and grow as a person through leadership and sportsmanship.

Nicia, ’21

When it comes to faith formation, JPII is excellent. It provides opportunities for any student looking to develop their faith, from the monthly masses to the daily rosary group to daily school-wide prayer throughout Lent. These provide a space for me to practice my faith in a place where I can feel comfortable. I am eternally grateful for that.

Carl, ’22

Having small class sizes makes it easy to get to know each other. Everyone is super funny and friendly, even though we’re all trying to be the best we can be. No one is above laughing at themselves and the teachers and coaches are always ready to help when you ask.

Moria, ’23

The teachers are the best. They help if you get stuck; I’ve learned so much. My baseball coaches have really taught me about the sport and being on a team. We’re like a group of brothers, checking in on each other’s grades and making sure we’re all doing OK. We have a unique bond.

AJ, ’22