Male students laugh together on campus.

A student’s journey through high school goes well beyond academics. In addition to strong scholastics and developing faith, a wide variety of co-curricular choices allow students to expand learning while on campus. This includes clubs, athletics, performing arts and other JPII community activities. Many students start their own clubs and special projects. There’s lots of room here to learn and grow.

Before running track and cross country for my school, I never knew what I was good at. When I joined the cross country team the summer of my freshman year, I did not have a strong passion for running. Today, I don’t know how I would ever survive without my daily runs. Running is the balance in my life, and a time where I get to connect with friends.

On runs, we get to explore cool areas, talk about things that stress us out, sing army chants, and jump in big puddles. I have learned a lot of good advice from being a distance runner; such as being uncomfortable to gain comfort, playing a strong role in a team, and learning how to both lead and follow. I received opportunities that I would never receive anywhere else, and I am grateful for everything that has come my way.

Ariel, Class of 2025

Robotics was a nice step out of my comfort zone during my sophomore year and a nice way to explore my interests. It made me think flexibly and creatively. For example, we had to figure out where to attach a battery to the robot, Skippy. We experimented with the placement for a while before eventually fastening it to the side of a robot where it wouldn’t get in the way of the other mechanisms. Every day in robotics feels like practice for my mind to think flexibly and with ingenuity, and I have grown for the better.

Jeffrey, Class of 2025