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Due to the generosity of this year’s Light & Truth Gala donors, JPII raised over $280,000 exceeding our goal of $230,000! In addition, we raised $60,000 in sponsorships. Thank you to everyone who made an investment in our JPII student body. It was especially wonderful having our community back together.

Our annual Light & Truth Gala gives us the opportunity each year to celebrate the amazing young men and women of Pope John Paul II High School, while raising support for student financial assistance and operations.

When I walked into JPII’s doors my freshman year, my goals were to have a mansion on the beach in California, with a nice pool, a lot of cars, and a lot of money. After community service, interactions with members of the JPII community, and a redirection of focus on what it means to build community, pursue truth, and act virtuously, my goals now consist of simplicity and humility… I no longer want a several million dollar home, with nice cars and an effortless life. I want a life in which I make an impact.

Without the funds from events like tonight, I would not be able to attend JPII. And in all honesty, each of you are one of the reasons I am here tonight. Your generosity has provided me with the opportunities and experiences I have had at JPII, enabling me to more deeply discover my why.

Excerpt from Gala 2022 Student Keynote Speaker, Giuliana A., Class of 2022

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