The JPII Eagles had a fantastic day today at the Bill Kehoe Invitational on Saturday, October 9th. They finished ahead of much larger schools today in the silver race.

The girls had a team effort all the way. To win an invitational like this today against much larger teams is a fantastic accomplishment. I also received a call from a race official after the race who told me that if they had a sportsmanship award at the meet, our girls were absolutely a contender. I have never seen a 1B team do what the JPII girls did today in the varsity and JV races. More on the JV race in a minute. Suffice it to say; our varsity girls set the stage for the rest of the meet.

The JPII boys followed the girl’s lead. The boys upset many larger teams and won their race overall as well. It was a team effort all the way. To win overall in such a big race is truly a fantastic accomplishment. The boys are improving week by week and had their best race of the year today. They appear to be peaking at the right time.

Not to be outdone, the JV girls won the entire race against their peers from every school who had a full team in the invitational! Once again, I have not seen a 1B team win a major race like this against larger schools. To win the entire JV race against all schools at the invitational was one for the ages. You don’t see this every day. It was a first for me to see something like this in my coaching career.

Three major wins in one day were just incredible. What was more impressive was the encouragement and sportsmanship that was noticed by others and passed on to me as the coach after the meet.

Congrats to Carl, Yohan, and Josh, who ran in the JV boys race too. They all had a great day and worked very hard. We did not have a full JV team for scoring purposes, but these three did well!Your eagles just took off and flew today. They are amazing young men and women on and off the field.We were blessed today. Once again, we thank the Lord for an incredible day.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13

Look at these team results!

Girls race…/meet/192229/results/776045

Boys Varsity Race…/meet/192229/results/776044

Girls JV Race…/meet/192229/results/802883