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Tuition and Fees for 2024-2025 School Year

Guided by our mission and our commitment to be a welcoming community, we strive to offer financially accessible tuition rates. For the 2024-25 school year, the tuition is $18,475 per student. Your student’s education is an important investment and the real value is a four-year education that will prepare your student for college and beyond. In 2023, 71% of graduating seniors received 1:1+ of JPII tuition to college scholarships.


  • Tuition $18,475
  • Annual Registration Fee, $300
    Registration fee for enrollment helps cover online processing services, financial software and digital records maintenance.
  • Activity Fee, due 7/20/24 $250
    This fee helps cover student services and includes the following: ASB card, Campus Ministry retreats, yearbook, and testing fees.
  • Technology Fee, due 7/20/24 $100
    This fee helps cover technology services for the students such as the student server, security and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Books and e-books, due 7/20/24 $250
    A flat fee that purchases access to digital learning content, contracted online learning services, textbooks, and online e-books for each academic year.
  • Laptop, one-time cost for new students only, due 7/20/24 $1,500 (estimate)
  • Total: $20,875 for incoming freshman or transfer students ($19,375 for continuing students)


The JPII tuition amount is set below the total cost of education per student to help make a JPII education accessible for every family. The difference between the cost of education and the price of tuition is the “tuition gap”. This gap is funded through generous donations, the school’s annual appeal, scholarships available from Saint Michael Parish and Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and direct aid through the Fulcrum Foundation Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP).


Pope John Paul II High School is sincerely committed to supporting families in need of tuition assistance. We believe that all qualified students should have the opportunity to benefit from a quality, Catholic education regardless of ability to pay.

Tuition Assistance is available through four primary sources: two parish scholarships (Saint Michael and Sacred Heart), one grant (Fulcrum TAP) and the JPII Tuition Assistance Program (JPII TAP).

To apply for all forms of tuition assistance at JPII, you must apply through the third-party vendor, FACTS (see link below). Please be aware that the Fulcrum TAP grant closes in late December (see dates below). We encourage all families to apply before the dates below.

The Student Application for Admission and the Financial Assistance Application must both be completed by December 31, 2023 to be considered for Fulcrum Tuition Assistance (the foundation supporting Catholic education in our Archdiocese). All applications for financial assistance after December 31 will only qualify for limited JPII financial assistance.

For the 2020-21 school year, JPII awarded over $500,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships to families with incomes ranging from $12,000/year to $180,000 and above/year. This was made possible through the generosity of our donors, the support of the Fulcrum Foundation, Saint Michael Parish and Sacred Heart Catholic Church. JPII’s commitment to accessibility means that over 58% of our school population received support through tuition assistance or scholarships each year.  Call 360-438-7600. 


October 1, 2023: Early Admissions “Fall Window” opens; applying for admissions occurs fully online.

December 31, 2023: Early admissions and Fulcrum Foundation Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP) deadline for the 2024-2025 school year.

February 26, 2024: Acceptance information and enrollment contracts communicated to families.

March 23, 2024: Enrollment contracts are due for new students and returning students.

Enrollment continues as space and tuition assistance permits.

Questions about admissions applications? Contact Emily Cote or call 360-438-7600.


How do I apply for tuition assistance?
The application for the program is online. FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, an independent company, evaluates the financial information provided and makes recommendations to JPII regarding an affordable tuition rate for each family. FACTS charges a $35 fee to carefully analyze the information within your application. Financial privacy is a growing concern among families. FACTS gathers and secures your supporting financial documents including tax records.

What is the deadline to apply for tuition assistance?
There is no deadline for tuition assistance at JPII. However, the Fulcrum TAP grant deadline is December 31st; the other assistance is still available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact us to inquire about financial aid options.

What if I do not want to apply for tuition assistance?
The tuition assistance program is optional. If you choose not to apply, you will receive a tuition contract in mid-March reflecting the full tuition rate. Sign your contract and return it with the registration fee of $300 by the March 18, 2023 deadline and your student will be officially registered for Fall 2023.

Who will see my application?
Data from your application is kept strictly confidential. Once FACTS provides the data it will only be reviewed by the tuition committee of the school’s leadership team – comprised of the school’s principal and business manager.

What documents will I need when I apply?
You will need:

> your family’s monthly budget
> most recent tax returns
> your W2s
> copies of documentation for social security income, welfare, child support, food stamps, workers compensation, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), if applicable.

After submitting your application, you need to fax or upload your tax documents to FACTS. (Instructions provided at the end of the application). 

Do I apply for tuition assistance every year?
Yes. Financial situations can change from year to year so we do ask that you apply annually. This ensures that your tuition assistance is reflective of your current financial ability.

What if I’m not sure whether I will qualify for tuition assistance?
We encourage you to apply for tuition assistance if you are concerned about your ability to send your child to JPII due to the cost of tuition. In a typical year, approximately 85% of families who apply for tuition assistance receive a reduced tuition contract.  Annually, more than half-a-million dollars in tuition assistance may be distributed. The determination and calculation of your tuition rate or need for tuition assistance are complex and are based on several factors including family income and size, extraordinary expenses such as medical bills, and tuition paid to other schools. We encourage you to partner with us in the process and not make assumptions that you will not qualify for tuition assistance.

When will I know my final tuition rate?
In late February, you will receive notification of your tuition contract that reflects the full rate or tuition assistance rate. When you sign your contract and pay the registration fee ($300) by the March 18, 2023 deadline, your student will be officially registered for Fall 2023.

What if I still cannot afford the tuition assistance amount?
Based on the information you provide in your application, the school may offer you tuition assistance to help you meet your tuition obligation. If you have questions or concerns after you receive your tuition contract, please call 360-438-7600 to schedule an appointment to discuss your student’s tuition.

Is there a multi-student discount?
There is not a tuition discount for multiple students at JPII. However, if you apply we take your total potential tuition obligation into account when determining your tuition rate for each student.

Can I apply for assistance for other fees or school costs?
If you are concerned about the cost of the annual registration fee, a particular activity, or want to talk about payment arrangements, call 360-438-7600.

What if I am having trouble paying my tuition?
We understand that unforeseen issues may come up that strain a family’s ability to pay tuition. If that should happen, we can modify payment schedules to reduce financial distress. Please note there may be a processing fee to make payment plan changes. If a major crisis arises such as a serious illness or job loss, please contact JPII immediately.


Below are four examples of tuition assistance awards. Factors considered in determining an amount include family income, household size and other children attending Catholic schools.

A single parent with one student attending JPII. The parent’s income is $36,000. The family received a $12,500 tuition assistance award (including $1,450 from Fulcrum Foundation) for the year.

A family of eight with two students attending JPII. The family income is $96,000. The family received a $7,980 tuition assistance award for each student for the year.

A family of five with two students attending JPII and one attending college. The family income is $175,000. The family received a $7,980 tuition assistance award for each student for the year.

A family of four with two students attending JPII, one freshman and one senior. The parent’s income is $180,000. The family received a $3,000 tuition assistance award for each student for the year.

For questions about tuition assistance, call 360-438-7600