Each Archdiocesan High School received an invitation to attend a special dinner in Seattle for Senior Class leaders. Students had an opportunity to meet and mingle with other high leaders in our Archdiocese which provided a wonderful sense of solidarity for all. After dinner, Luke C. 23′ of JPII, and other representatives from each school gave a short reflection on how the works of service they have offered through their high school years moved them from thinking in terms of their own personal mission, to a focus on God’s mission for their life. 

As a “thank you” to Archbishop Etienne for hosting the dinner, we honored the good work of the St. James Cathedral Kitchen by collecting items to be distributed to marginalized communities. JPII presented hats and scarves as our contribution. The hat and scarf drive was facilitated by JPII’s chapter of FBLA.

JPII was well represented by the following seniors in leadership…

Catelin K., ASB Secretary; Moriah S., ASB Exec Team; Luke C., FBLA President; Nathan M., Student Ministry Team

Photo courtesy of the Archdiocese of Seattle