Coach Weber and his staff are at it again. JPII is blessed to have such a dedicated expert leading our cross country and track and field teams.

Students are training as part of the summer workout program and are actively monitored by the staff to ensure all COVID protocols are being met. Approximately 25 – 30 students meet each day to train to improve their fitness and running competencey.

Summer conditioning workouts are structured for students to participate when they can. Incoming freshman start at 3-4 days a week, while the other students can run up to six days a week, under the supervision of coaches.

Coach Weber is committed to helping students reach peak performance by customizing training to the unique strengths of each runner. Imagine having that much attention to detail for each student.

Larry has a distinguished resume as a long-distance subject matter expert. We are looking forward to our teams competing, starting with Season 1, Fall Cross Country in accordance with the WIAA guidelines.