JPII is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). On July 21, 2020, the WIAA Executive Board took action on Tuesday to modify the 2020-21 WIAA sports season calendar in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes will create four WIAA-sanctioned seasons and will also move moderate- and high-risk team sports, originally scheduled for the fall season, to the WIAA Season 3.

The fall cross country sport will take place in WIAA Season 1 and will start practices the week of September 7.

The remaining fall sports of girls’ volleyball will now be scheduled to begin in the early spring of 2021 as part of WIAA Season 3.

The Board recognizes that participation in any fall sports will depend on county progression through the phases laid out in Governor Inslee’s Safe Start plan over the coming weeks.

The Executive Board will create benchmarks on July 28 to be met in order for WIAA Season 1 to take place. If the benchmarks are not met, the Board will plan to move the remainder of fall sports to WIAA Season 3.

Traditional winter sports will all take place in WIAA Season 2 with the expectation to begin in late December or early January. Traditional spring sports will occupy WIAA Season 4 to end the school year.

The WIAA Executive Board and planning committees are working under the Return-To-Activity Guidelines supported and co-authored by the National Federation of High Schools, Washington Department of Health and the Governor’s Office, as well as sport-specific guidelines set forth by WIAA committees made up of coaches, athletic directors, students, officials and local health professionals. Those guidelines can be found on the WIAA Website.

Here are the tentative dates for each season.

WIAA Season 1: Cross Country (9/14 – 11/8)

WIAA Season 2: Basketball and Cheerleading (1/4 – 3/7)

WIAA Season 3: Volleyball (3/8 – 5/2)

WIAA Season 4: Fastpitch Softball, Track & Field, and Baseball (5/3 – 6/27)