Aug 12, 2020

This summer, our administration and staff have been preparing three distinct educational models to respond to directives related to COVID-19. You will find those models described in the 2020-2021 Educational Plan linked below.

As you know, we have been directed to open the school year through a distance learning model. We recognize that this is not ideal for anyone and maintain in-person learning as the highest standard of education. We plan to transition to on-campus learning as soon as allowed and are in direct conversation with the Thurston County Health Department to facilitate that plan.

In the meantime, we are enhancing our distance educational model to maximize those things so important to our JPII community: classroom environments rich in discussion and community building, campus ministry activities to nurture faith, and one-to-one support for students.

I hope you will each take time to read through the plan details and discuss them as a family. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, students and teachers will cover all of this information together on the first day of school.

This year may be a little different, but we are looking forward to working together as a school community for the benefit of each and every one of our students.


Cathy and Kevin Ferguson

Therese Allin