Salisbury University, B.S.
Saint Martin’s University, M.Ed; Principal Certificate

How I lead and why I support the JPII mission:

I believe educating students is a crucial component to building a strong society where people can flourish and become who God intends them to be. Helping our students achieve their dreams around college, career or post-secondary choices guide my daily duties. I try to live out my relationship with Jesus each day to promote the mission at JPII. Supporting our teachers, communicating with parents and practicing leadership during challenging times are all privileges I embrace each day.

About my previous experiences:

I began my career in education over 30 years ago teaching elementary and middle school. Then God called me out of the work of school-based education into camp and retreat ministry and then parish ministry…education of a different kind. And, now I find myself full circle back in a school setting. I feel tremendously blessed to have this opportunity to serve again in this capacity.

I hail from:

Baltimore, MD

In my spare time:

I am all about family, so any time not spent at work we take advantage of the beautiful outdoors and cultural richness of the Pacific Northwest.