The Evergreen State College, B.A.
Saint Martin’s University, MIT

Fastpitch Coach

How I teach and why I support the JPII mission:

I like to teach with great energy and compassion. Life provides new challenges daily, and I want to be a mentor that all feel welcome to voice their questions and viewpoints. Through the years, I have found that student growth, and empowerment, are a tremendous witness to Christ’s love for us all. Watching students meet their God-given potential is inspiring and provides me with the passion to be the best teacher I can be.

About my previous experiences:

I have had a variety of previous professions including owning my own business, installing telecommunications equipment, and purchasing.

I hail from:

Olympia, WA

In my spare time:

In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar, watching the Seahawks, being active with my kids, and going to the beach.