July 31, 2020 - Our faculty and staff will be involved in an all day COVID training on Thursday, Aug 6, 2020. Therefore, it is necessary to close the school building. We will follow-up messages and emails the following day. Stay aware and stay safe!


July 30, 2020

Good evening Eagle community,

Late this afternoon private schools in Thurston County received notification by letter from the Thurston County Health Department stating that as the jurisdictional authority, they “strongly urge and recommend all K-12 schools remain closed to in-person general instruction for the 2020 Fall term…”

The letter was specific as to the current Covid-19 case rate in our county and what the expected case rate is for phase three counties. The letter also states that “The COVID-19 situation is dynamic and as conditions change in Thurston County and across the state, this recommendation may change. Onsite and hybrid models are still possible later in the year as conditions permit.” 

We are sending this update to you to keep you informed on developing conditions.  As we stated in our last letter, JPII’s school leadership is in conversation with the Office of Catholic Schools as we process the program implications for the upcoming school year. The health and safety of every member of the JPII community remain our top priority.

The good news, as presented in our letter yesterday, is that we are fully prepared for all three models of education. The challenge right now is that we are not able to say with certainty which model will be implemented on September 2. As we move closer to opening day, required guidelines will be fully established. With JPII plans already in place that follow all recommended safety protocols, we will be able to move seamlessly from any of the three models without making changes to the program, course schedule, or teachers. In other words, our plan that will be given in detail next week has the ability to work fluidly in all three modalities.  

Please continue to pray for our community and our world as we come together to fight the spread of this disease. We believe God continues to lead us as we focus on high quality faith-based education for every student.


Therese Allin, Principal

Cathy and Kevin Ferguson, Co-Presidents

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