Pat will be remembered as being a devoted wife and an inspirational supporter to her family and to all those who came to know her. Married for nearly 50 years, Pat always put the needs of her family and community members first. She was a homemaker and also worked as a Montessori teacher, parish secretary, sales associate, medical insurance claims processor and an assistant manager. Pat was the mother of three children and grandmother of two. During her life, Pat made the time to be active in service organizations and parishes wherever she resided.

Pat viewed children as a blessing. She treasured the time she had to teach and guide them in the Montessori classroom, in the Camp Fire Girls organization, during sacramental preparation and other faith formation. She took great delight in teaching her own children and grandchildren the Catholic faith, the wonder of nature, history and reading. She used daily activities and family trips as learning opportunities and made sacrifices so that her children could attend Catholic schools and earn college degrees. Pat enjoyed seeing children do their best in all things, including sports, and would encourage them by wildly cheering from the sidelines.

Pat believed prayer is a strong and meaningful exercise of love, faith and hope. She also believed in honoring the sacrements and doctrine of the Catholic church. In her retirement, Pat nurtured her prayer life knowing prayer is one of the greatest contributions we can offer one another. She attended daily mass and utilized the opportunity to meditate regularly in the St. Joseph’s Adoration Chapel. She participated in Catholic education classes and became a Eucharistic Minister.

Pat also used her time to advocate for others. She was very active in pro-life efforts through her dedicated work in speaking out and standing up for life. She volunteered countless hours with the following organizations: Human Life of Thurston County, Show the Truth Washington, 40 Days for Life in Olympia, Respect Life at St. Michael Parish, and Knights of Columbus Knight’s Lady. She indeed was a witness to the beauty, grace and dignity of human life.

Pope John Paul II said (October 16, 1978), “Do not be afraid. Open, rather open wide, the doors to Christ.” Pat’s life, with her graceful trust of God’s plan, is an example of what Pope John Paul II called us all to achieve. She led others to Christ. In confidence we know Pat’s prayers for the success of Pope John Paul II High School continue.