Posted: October 14, 2020

Thurston County Health Department has published two (2) new documents on October 14. The first is a letter from Dr. Abdelmalek to schools (click to read), and the second is the action flowchart that shows the pathway of how to direct people as we conduct health checks. The document is available to read by clicking this link.

Most notable is the change that students exhibiting ONE SYMPTOM who have not been COVID tested or decline a test, need to stay home for 10 days and follow the remaining guidance in the pathways document.

The good news: if there is a school building closure, our plans are already in place. The faculty is prepared to adjust and our students can make the adjustment as they did at the beginning of this school year.

We cannot tell who is at greater risk. Those at risk can look exactly like you, yet they may be teaching you or sitting beside you in class. When we abide by the best advice we have from our healthcare professionals, we are placing others before ourselves. We are taking responsibility for our neighbor.