On Thursday, June 3, the JPII community celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass at Saint Michael Parish’s Downtown Campus. This was a beautiful offering of thanksgiving for the blessings God has bestowed upon the graduates and their families. 

We Love Our Seniors! Our seniors will leave a lasting imprint on the very soul of JPII High School, and we pray that their futures are blessed with opportunities to use their God-given talents, stretching them to become who they are! We invite you to pray for each of our graduates by name as they begin their next chapter! 

Alexander A.
Mercedes A.
Joshua B.
Anna B. 
Kobe D.
Nicholas G.

Jarrett J.
Ella K.
Maggie L.
Mattox M.Allison N.
Holley N.
Joseph O.

Cole P.
Emeline R.
Nicia S.
Elisa T.
Sophia W.
Gabriella Y.