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The Complexity of Our World Requires a New Kind of Education

Our youth will live in a world remarkably different from the one we know.  Their futures will be defined by an exponential increase in information and technological capacity, the redistribution of economic and political power, heightened issues of resource scarcity, an explosion in world population, and the complex web of problems associated with the increasing gap between the rich and poor.

Our Communities Need Stewards of the Future

Today's students will be the government, business, community, and faith leaders of tomorrow.  It is these young men and women who will be called on to maintain our national strength, sustain economic growth and development, find solutions to environmental problems, address issues of social justice, and respond to the needs of the poor and marginalized. 

At JPII, Students Are Transformed for a Lifetime of Courageous Leadership

  • Our teachers do more than educate.  They are role models whose lives reflect the values they teach and mentors who build meaningful relationships with their students.
  • Our entire school community puts its values into practice each day through prayer, study, leadership, service and community building.
  • We offer a challenging college preparatory curriculum with an exceptional commitment to mathematics and the sciences.
  • The use of technology is integrated throughout all of our academic programs.  
  • Leadership skills and service to community are directly taught.

With a Gift to JPII, You Become Both a Steward of the Present and the Future

Your unrestricted gift to JPII will immediately impact the lives of our current students by enhancing every aspect of their academic, spiritual, service and co-curricular experiences.  They will learn to pursue the truth, to act virtuously, and to build community.

As they enter adulthood, the talents and skills that your gift nurtured will have an even greater impact as our students become courageous leaders who touch and transform the lives of others.