Facilitated Tuition FAQs
School boards and administrators need to insure that assistance is given to those families in need. Pope John Paul II High School has selected FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to conduct financial need evaluations for all families requesting facilitated tuition.Why? FACTS is an objective third party, so your information can be handled confidentially.

FACTS applies the same standards to all families that apply so that facilitated tuition assistance is distributed equitably.

Find the FACTS on-line application here.

How do we apply for facilitated tuition?

If you are interested in receiving facilitated tuition for your student for the 2017-2018 school year, you must apply online through FACTS. Facilitated tuition will only be granted to those completing this online application process. Families applying for Early Facilitated tuition must complete an online application and submit the necessary supporting documents to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by December 31, 2016.

Please keep in mind that the requests for our facilitated tuition funds always exceed the amount available, so having your online application completed, including supporting documentation, by December 31, 2016 is very important.

What type of information will be required?

FACTS requires applicants to provide detailed information on income, investments and debt. Once an online application has been completed, the following information will need to be uploaded or sent to FACTS to complete the application process:

  • Copies of your most recent Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules.
  • Copies of your current W-2 forms for both you and your spouse.
  • Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.

 All supporting documentation can be uploaded in PDF format online.

Are there other grants available?

The Fulcrum Foundation offers tuition assistance grants awarded based on financial need.

Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant

The Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant program is designed for families and students currently enrolled in any Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Seattle. A family must apply each year through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to qualify for a grant—all awards are made based on financial need. All applications are submitted through FACTS and are ranked in order of financial need based on the information submitted.

For the 2017-18 school year:

  • The grant is $1,350 per student of families with the greatest need
  • Each family will pay a $24 fee to FACTS to apply for Fulcrum tuition assistance.

Find the FACTS on-line application here.

New Student Tuition Assistance Grants

The Fulcrum New Student Tuition Assistance Grant program is designed for families and students who are enrolling for the first time in any Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Seattle (e.g., transferring from a local public school or from another school outside the Archdiocese). New Student grants are awarded for one year only and are based on financial need.

For more information contact

Susan Ocoma,Programs Manager
(206) 748-7988