If our community is to continue to compete in an increasingly global economy, it is imperative that we do more than inspire students to achieve at the highest academic levels.

Pope John Paul II High School provides a challenging 4-year, accredited, college preparatory curriculum with an extraordinary commitment to mathematics and the sciences. JPII students do not just gain fundamental skills and knowledge demanded by each academic discipline, but are educated to:

  • think logically, critically and creatively in problem solving and self-expression;
  • analyze contemporary issues from multiple perspectives, interpreting the implications and consequences of assumptions behind different points of view; and
  • access resources and technology to interpret, evaluate and present information.

However, the mandate of Catholic education goes further than academic excellence. JPII’s academic program is delivered in a faith and values-based environment that is open and welcoming to all young men and women, Catholic or otherwise, who might benefit from the excellence of its programs. JPII students:

  • demonstrate empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for all;
  • strive for integrity and excellence in everything they do;
  • build personal relationships with Christ through Eucharist, prayer and reflection; and
  • see their faith as an obligation to live in service of others.

Through comprehensive spiritual development and service programs, Pope John Paul II High School students put into everyday practice the themes of human dignity, social justice, and civic responsibility. Pope John Paul II High School prepares its graduates to use their education for the betterment of their community and world. JPII graduates:

  • act with generosity toward all, particularly the victims of injustice;
  • know the impact of social, environmental and political issues on the human community;
  • understand the contradictions and moral ambiguities between the Church’s social teachings and popular culture; and
  • actively commit their gifts to building a more just society.

In the rich tradition of Catholic education, Pope John Paul II High School inspires our region’s young men and women to achieve at the highest levels and to become intellectually strong, spiritually alive and committed to serving others.