Campus Ministry

Campus ministry is an integral part of the educational process at Pope John Paul II High School. Through the charism of our namesake, Pope John Paul II, our program is designed to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to its students and families, to build up the body of Christ in the community and to promote social justice through service to others.  Campus Ministry draws the entire community into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Church. To accomplish these outcomes, the school, through Campus Ministry, offers liturgies, retreats, and service. 

Monthly all school masses are offered. Additional invitational masses are also offered throughout the year dependent upon availability of priests. Parents and friends of the school are always welcome to attend school liturgies.  We start the year off with the Mass of the Holy Spirit, an event that takes place at St. Martins University. This combines the all of the South Sound Catholic Schools, and is a terrific way to welcome the Holy Spirit along with the new school year. 

Pope John Paul II High School offers multiple retreats for students that are based upon the charism and teachings of Pope John Paul II. They are thematically formulated around the school's three foundational elements of pursuing truth, acting virtuously, and building community. Peer and adult leaders create an atmosphere of support, trust and sharing so that students can explore the challenges of Catholic/Christian identity, relationships, values, courageous leadership and reconciliation in the context of their faith. The goal is to provide students with the opportunity to listen and respond to God's presence in their lives and the life of their communities. 

Pope John Paul II High School's Community Service Program develops students who understand service as fundamental and intrinsic to their faith.  They demonstrate compassion for victims of injustice and know that they are called to actively commit to building a just society.  It is the program's objectives through direct service to others to challenge students' perceptions and stereotypes of those they serve and create empathetic, compassionate and courageous leaders for change.  The program is designed to support the School's culture of mutual support for one another and being a people for others.  The Community Service program is an extension of this school culture of service into the surrounding community.  The School selects and approves placements that permit students to serve others as directly as possible.  It is through this contact that not only the lives of those served are changed but the lives of our students.  Service experiences are selected and designed to bring about an affective change of heart in our students.  With these outcomes in mind, the requirements of the service program are as follows:

The community service day is usually held the day before Christmas Vacation. The community day begins with Mass and then sends out the students and staff (and often alumni) in groups to serve the community in a variety of areas. For example, serving lunch at the senior center or down at the union gospel mission, etc.
In the afternoon, all classes return to campus to discuss and then write a personal reflection on their service experience and then culminate with an ASB led Christmas celebration.