Annual Appeal- The JPII Fund

The JPII Fund

The JPII Fund is our School's annual giving program and provides unrestricted dollars to support the greatest area of need.  It supports academics, campus ministry, community service, athletics and other co-curricular programs, faculty development, technology and other resources, and facilities.  

The JPII fund offsets the difference between tuition revenues and the actual cost of educating JPII students.  The JPII Fund and the annual Gala, which were both started in 2010, will ultimately become the largest source of income for the School after tuition.  Until enrollment has the opportunity to grow, however, tuition revenues will make up less than half of total educational costs.  Therefore, the JPII Fund, along with outside revenue sources such as the Gala and foundation grants, will be vitally important in bridging the gap between tuition and the actual costs of educating students.


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