Our students are growing up in a world infused with technology.  Information is available at the touch of a button.  In fact, an already incredible volume of data available to students is now doubling every 72 hours.  To be successful in this environment, students must be able to access and interpret data in many ways.  Is it reliable?  Is it pertinent to the subject at hand?  Will it impact the outcome under study? 

Classroom Instruction

Promethean2Each of our students learn differently.  To address these differences, JPII uses the Promethean System.  The Promethean Active Board is an interactive whiteboard that connects to the teacher's computer.  This allows teachers to use interactive graphics and materials to help students visualize and interact with the lesson.  In addition, the peripheral ActivExpression units allow the teacher to pose a question and all students can enter their answer on the hand-held device.  The computer then collates the class results and displays it on the board.  This gives the students and teacher immediate feedback about the lesson and how well the students understand the concepts.  Also, because everything that happens on the board is recorded in a computer file, the teacher can post it on their website for all students to download to their laptop or even to an iPod to review later.

One-to-One Tablet Laptop Program

Technology Student

Every JPII student uses a specified tablet laptop in school daily. Through their laptop and JPII's wireless network, students access and analyze data, organize class content, write and present on a daily basis in all disciplines.

Real Time Data Collection

The JPII curriculum is specifically designed to make full use of the technology available to students today. Students gather and analyze a variety of data, for example, using interactive probes for temperature, pH level, motion and light. 

World Connections

Via the Promethean system and Skype technology, JPII students do much more than simply access the World Wide Web - they use technology as a means of communicating about and researching issues across the globe.  Take a look at how JPII students are using technology to expand their understanding of global issues and their impact on politics, trade, social justice, and the environment.

Accessibility to Data

Students and their families have 24 hour access to current grades, attendance, school bulletins, school calendar, fees due etc. through our school database software, PowerSchool.  Our technology based learning system is at  Student or parent log in information is necessary to use this program, but the power of Schoology is highlighted on their website at  Schoology has an integrated calendar visible to both students and parents that specifies class assignments and activities, It allows direct communication between students and the teacher, the teacher and individual students or a whole group or class.  Updates (teacher memos to the class) and blog posts (monitored by the teacher) are also added to the teaching and learning environment.  Each teacher maintains a webpage where students can not only access assignments, but can also hear and see the live presentation of a missed class from home.  Each student and their family also have a Naviance accountNaviance is a college and career exploration and planning database.  It has many additional features such as a resume builder, learning style inventory and many more!