Grad at Grad

Pope John Paul II High School educates students to pursue truth, act virtuously and build community.

You will witness this in each student because they…

  • Possess fundamental skills and knowledge demanded by each academic discipline 
  • Pursue educational opportunities beyond high school 
  • Think logically, critically and creatively in problem solving and self-expression 
  • Analyze contemporary issues from multiple perspectives 
  • Respect other peoples, languages and cultures 
  • Access resources and technology to interpret, evaluate and present information 
  • Interpret implications and consequences of assumptions behind different points of view

Therefore they are Intellectually Strong

  • Recognize self and others as loved by God 
  • Understand Catholic Christianity and know major doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church 
  • Know Christ’s Mission and participate actively and fully in the Church’s life 
  • Build personal relationship with Christ through Eucharist, prayer and reflection 
  • Practice reconciliation with family, friends, Church and God 
  • See faith in Jesus as an obligation to live life as a person for others

Therefore they are Spiritually Alive

  • Accept personal responsibility for their growth 
  • Strive for integrity, commitment and excellence in all things 
  • Make life choices based upon Catholic social teachings 
  • Challenge prejudices and stereotypes 
  • Seek opportunities to expand their mind, heart, imagination, feelings and consciousness 
  • Seek aesthetic, artistic and creative experiences through the arts 
  • Engage in co-curricular activities that develop leadership, interpersonal and collaborative skills

Therefore they are Open to Growth

  • Accept responsibility for building and maintaining loving relationships with others 
  • Demonstrate empathy, compassion, understanding and respect 
  • Accept the love of God and others 
  • Know the moral teachings of the Catholic Church as it relates to sexuality 
  • Make responsible decisions regarding personal health and well-being 
  • Listen respectfully and express themselves genuinely

Therefore they are Loving

  • Recognize service as fundamental to faith 
  • Act with generosity toward all 
  • Demonstrate compassion for victims of injustice 
  • Know the impact of social, environmental and political issues on the human community 
  • Understand the contradictions and moral ambiguities between the Church’s social teachings and popular culture 
  • Know that faith demands active commitment to a just society

Therefore they are Committed to Doing Justice