Now and Forever Campaign

Dear Friends,

In 2010, the work of hundreds of visionary donors and volunteers came to fruition. When Pope John Paul II High School opened its doors, these generous founders handed students the keys to the life-changing experience of a Catholic high school education. With that gift came a challenge: use this opportunity to live lives that matter.

Our students have taken this call to heart. They have built a community more vibrant than we could have possibly imagined, a culture of faith, hospitality, service, leadership and courage. Their accomplishments are astounding.

Today, JPII students are thriving. Because they are in a small school, they have meaningful relationships with their teachers, and these relationships translate into higher academic achievement. They receive the finest education in a state-of-the- art environment. Everyone is welcomed and everyone has the opportunity to participate in athletics, the arts and co-curricular activities. Most importantly, JPII students receive the immeasurable opportunity for spiritual growth as they move into adulthood. They graduate prepared to succeed in college and far beyond. 

With enrollment and programs growing beyond the capacity of our current building and curriculum, our students urgently need us to add to our physical space. We are committed to the purposeful growth of school facilities, because we have seen, first-hand, the power of a JPII education to make a meaningful difference in our students’ lives. Would you join us? Together we can empower our students to lead, to serve, and to meet the complex challenges of our world with faith and integrity. Together we can transform our world, one student at a time.

In gratitude,

Andy & Liz Kapust

Matt & Monica Zepeda
Campaign Co-Chairs