Memorial and Honor Funds

Making a Gift to an Existing Fund

Pope John Paul II High School has been richly blessed through gifts to Memorial Funds established by the family members of deceased loved ones who held a special place in their hearts for our School.  Listed below are the names of the individuals in whose honor existing Memorial Funds have been established. 

If you would like to make a gift to one of these funds, please print and complete our JPII Giving Form, making sure to indicate the method of payment and the name of the Memorial Fund to which you would like to contribute.  Unless the family or individual establishing the fund has requested otherwise, gifts made to individual Memorial Funds are unrestrcited gifts and will be used by the School in the area of greatest need. 

Pope John Paul II High School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization.  Donations to any of our Memorial Funds are tax deductible for income and estate tax purposes.   

Unless requested otherwise, we will recognize in our annual reports the names of donors who have made gifts to our Memorial Funds during the fiscal year(s) covered by the report.  

Establishing a New Memorial or Honor Fund

A Memorial or Honor Fund is a very special way to honor a friend or relative, while at the same time advancing the mission of our School. 

Generally, when a family establishes a Memorial Fund in honor of a loved one who has recently died, they will request that friends and relatives make gifts to the Fund in lieu of flowers or other gifts to the family.  Alternately, Memorial Funds can be planned prior to death through an individual's estate plan.  In the latter situation, the individual generally leaves a portion of his or her estate to the Fund, which can then grow through additional gifts made after his or her death.  Honor Funds can also be established as a way of honoring a special friend or relative during their life time.     

Unless the person establishing the fund requests otherwise, Memorial and Honor Funds gifts are unrestricted and will be utilized by the School in the area of greatest need. 

For larger Memorial or Honor Funds gifts, an individual may wish to discuss creating an endowment.  Endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact.  The donor will often designate the specific purpose for which the investment income must be used.  For example, an endowment may be established to fund a student scholarship, or a particular academic or co-curricular program.   

If you are interested in establishing a Memorial or Honor Fund, please contact Megan Farrell in our Advancement Office at 360-438-7600.