Happenings At JPII

CPR Saves VR

-Giuliana Argeris '22

When I first watched CPRsavesVR it felt like a real life-like experience. I could feel my adrenaline rising while immersed in the virtual world performing CPR during a cardiac arrest. I began working with the Lacey Fire Department on CPRsavesVR for my eighth grade science fair project last year. The project was to observe if a virtual reality video would teach CPR more efficiently than written or other traditional training methods. The results of this small project were exciting, because of the increase of survival rates during a cardiac arrest using VR. I decided to use what I learned to educate other young people in life saving CPR and join the CPRsavesVR team.

CPRsavesVR also impressed me because of the number of lives that could be impacted by a six-minute VR experience. Those six minutes could substantially increase the chances of saving someone’s life. Ninety percent of cardiac arrest victims do not survive. When a person is able to respond to someone having a cardiac arrest, call 911, and perform CPR, they increase that chance of survival by forty-five percent. Those numbers are what got me focused on the overall outcome of this project and why it is important to reach out to more people.

As I continued to work with the LFD, we decided to expand into a public health project. It started with my science fair and a few friends. After that, I brought this project to my high school- Pope John Paul II. At JPII, we were able to show every student this video. Now over 100 new individuals have the tools to save a life. The next step is to challenge those people to each introduce at least ten people to the CPRsavesVR experience.

As this project progresses we are looking into expanding. The plan is to bring CPRsavesVR to other schools in our area and challenge those students and teachers to share the experience as well. As of now the video has nearly three thousand views on YouTube. The current goal is to reach twenty thousand citizens in our community.

Witnessing a cardiac arrest is a very stressful situation. The CPRsavesVR experience gives the viewer a real life familiarity that will make them better prepared to save a life in an actual situation.

You can see video of Lacey Fire District 3 at JPII here: https://www.facebook.com/CPRsavesVR/