The JPII Fund

The JPII Fund is our School's annual giving program and provides unrestricted dollars to support the greatest area of need.  It supports academics, campus ministry, community service, athletics and other co-curricular programs, faculty development, technology and other resources, and facilities.  

The JPII fund offsets the difference between tuition revenues and the actual cost of educating JPII students.  The JPII Fund and the annual Gala, which were both started in 2010, will ultimately become the largest source of income for the School after tuition.  Until enrollment has the opportunity to grow, however, tuition revenues will make up less than half of total educational costs.  Therefore, the JPII Fund, along with outside revenue sources such as the Gala and foundation grants, will be vitally important in bridging the gap between tuition and the actual costs of educating students.

Why does JPII have an annual giving program?

Pope John Paul II High School is committed to making a Catholic secondary education available and affordable to all families in our region who desire it for their high school students.  Gifts to the JPII Fund help ensure that families unable to meet the annual cost of tuition are able to enroll.  If the School were to charge the full cost of a JPII education, the cost would be prohibitive for most families.

Therefore, JPII must rely on annual contributions from business and individuals, foundation grants, and tuition to cover the actual cost of a JPII education.  JPII does not receive financial support from the local tax base or from state or national governments as public schools do.

When can supporters give to the JPII Fund?

The JPII Fund is an annual giving program that runs on a fiscal year from July 1 through June 30.  Therefore, supporters can give anytime between July 1 and June 30 to have their gift count for a particular fiscal year. 

The annual giving campaign for the JPII Fund, however, occurs primarily in the fall of each year, with existing and potential donors receiving letters, phone calls, or e-mail solicitations.

Regardless of whether an annual gift is made as a one-time gift or in multiple installments, donors are encouraged to make their annual commitment in the fall as this will improve our budgeting and planning processes.  Please know, however thall all gifts to the JPII Fund are greatly appreciated at whatever level and whenever they are made. 

Who gives to the JPII Fund?

The JPII Fund is supported by individuals, businesses and foundations.  Parents and grandparents of our students, members of the Catholic parishes in our region, families with students at our partner K-8 schools, and alumni from our heritage schools -- Saint Martin's High School and St. Placid High School, generously support the mission of JPII through gifts to the JPII Fund.

Support from these individuals, at any level, demonstrates solidarity within the greater Catholic community.  It validates for foundations, corporations, and other major donors and friends that this community is committed to sustaining the JPII mission for the future. 

How can I give to the JPII Fund?

There is still time to make a gift to the JPII Fund for this fiscal year.  All JPII Fund gifts received by June 30, will be listed  in the next annual report.

JPII Fund gifts can be made as a one-time gift or in multiple installments.  They can be made by check, by debit or credit card, or by the transfer of stock or other appreciated securities.  To make a gift now, print off and complete the JPII Giving Form. 

If paying by check, please indicate on the form that the gift is to the JPII Fund and mail to:  Pope John Paul II High School, Development Office, 5608 Pacific Avenue, Lacey, WA 98503

If paying by debit or credit card, please provide your credit card information on the JPII Giving Form, or call the Development Office at (360) 438-7600 and provide your payment information to Megan Farrell.

If paying with appreciated stock or securities, please contact Megan Farrell in the Development Office.